Star Stable

                  Hi and welcome to my first blog

hi everyone! today i want to tell you about a game i like it is called star stable. It is really fun to play all you have to do it look up It is a good and fun game i think you would like it. it is an online game just warning you and you have to download it. But it is so worth it. I think it is a good game for people who can read and is not a good game for people who can’t read. Look up online Click play then create an account.  also you have to have an email so if you want to play you need an email. Please comment. Please don’t say bad things. my mom used to say if you cant say anything nice don’t say it at all.  I’m new to this so please tell your friends about my blog. thanks!  I’ll add more things every week  but i cant add every day.

                                holidays on star stable!

so today I’m adding more so have you tried star stable (please comment below if you have and tell me how you like it) it really is fun.  Easter is coming up on sso it is going to be easter themed. How fun right! Ya it is fun to have holidays on star stable 🙂 . They decorate and star riders can do special quests. You can buy the holiday clothes for your character and gear for your horse.When it is Easter it is going to be Easter themed.Star riders can do special quests also you can buy Easter themed gear for your horse. Holadays are fun on star stable and i think you will like star stable too.